We prefer to call ourselves a spiritual community rather than a church. We are a multicultural community where ALL are welcome! We have members from every ethnicity and culture and we welcome diversity as a testament that we are all one. We respect all denominations and beliefs. Rather than seeking to "convert", let's share a story and a passion for our New Thought Spirituality, as we learn from metaphysical interpretations of sacred teachings.

Study Groups

Every Sunday morning 9:15 - join us for a discussion group of A Course in Miracles

Youth Programs

Our programs provide youth with tools to navigate life

Unity of Gulfport | 1700 E. Railroad St., Gulfport, MS 39501 228 871-7004

Ongoing Classes

Check out the book studies and classes being offered for spiritual growth and fellowship.


Welcome to Unity of Gulfport!  We are on a journey – a spiritual journey toward wholeness.  Here at Unity of Gulfport, we are committed to providing a sacred sanctuary where you may come to attend and heal wounds from the past, relieve anxieties and worries for the present and create abundance for the future.  We will assist by providing spiritual insights and tools to assist you in creating peace and joy in your everyday life.  We hope you'll join us soon.

Sunday Services

Held at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday - join us for an inspiring message and music.

We have a meditation at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Minister

Rev.  Judy Voght is Ordained with Unity Worldwide Ministries and serves at Unity of Gulfport.  She provides inspiring Sunday messages as well as special services and spiritual guidance to our faith community.  Come be a part of the fellowship and spiritual growth here at Unity of Gulfport with this warm hearted community.

Discover Peace

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

​A Member of Unity Worldwide Ministries

There is ONE power and one presence,

God the good.
Human beings are DIVINE at their core
and therefore inherently good.
Thoughts held in MIND produce after their kind.
Thoughts have creative power to determine
events and attract experiences.
PRAYER and meditation keep us aligned with
the one great power in the universe.
Through thoughts, words and ACTION,

we live the Truth we know.