Note from Rev. Judy

Turning Points 
On my morning walk, I generally walk east about a 1¼ mile. I stand there, salute the rising sun over the water and say, “Good Morning God.”  This is a highlight of the day for me and a bit of symbolism on this being a turning point as well. At that point I know that I have completed part of my journey and am now headed toward home.

I was thinking how we come to certain points in our lives where we just don’t know the answers to a lot of things, but we somehow know that what is going on in the world is a tremendous turning point for a lot of people and the world at large.  Maybe it’s a wake-up call, I don’t know.

I do know that we’ll be okay. I feel extremely calm and peaceful. Maybe this is actually an opportunity where we use the time to reflect upon what we’ve been doing and if it feels right. Is there something else that would give you tremendous pleasure and satisfaction?

The only advice I can give anyone right now is to remember there is a Power and Presence in the Universe that you may turn to anytime. Connect with that. Use time in the Silence to reflect upon all areas of your life. Be open, perhaps this is a turning point for you too.  Allow your light to shine, wherever you are. With great love. Rev. Judy​​


Stay tuned - We're currently staying close to our homes and allowing the local and international situation to heal. We're still holding the Light and remaining Positive. Stay safe.  See you soon. 

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Unity’s Fourth Principle
Prayer Is Connection. Affirmative prayer is the activity that deepens our connection with God-Mind, revealing truth, wisdom, and clarity.

What is a Prayer Chaplain?

  1. Someone who is available to support others on their spiritual journey
  2. Someone who creates and holds sacred space
  3. Someone who lovingly listens
  4. Someone who holds what is heard in the strictest of confidence
  5. Someone who prays with others