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July 14, 2020

Living at the Pace of Guidance   
All of us are being spoken to by Spirit, every moment, every hour, every day. Perhaps we think of this Divine Communication by another name such as serendipity, coincidence, gut feel, intuition, inspiration, imagination, sudden insight, etc.
Although we live within a sea of wisdom, sometimes we just do not see it or feel it.  We can easily allow our minds to trick us into confusion over the right next step.  It happens to all of us, whether a large or small decision. Sometimes we would love to have a sign from Heaven pointing “this way.” 
I read a book titled “The Seven Whispers.” In it, the author Christina Baldwin says we need to slow down and move at the “pace of guidance.” She describes speed as someone running through an airport shouting into a cell phone. On the other hand, pace might be going around the block with a 3-year-old and noticing everything the child is noticing. When we move at pace, we have time to question and time to listen for answers before moving on. When we move at the pace of guidance, it occurs to us to wonder what plans the Universe might have for us as we contrast/compare the plans we have for ourselves. Baldwin says that speed tends to cancel out our guidance and keeps us out of touch with Spirit. 
The best way to move at the pace of guidance is to maintain a regular meditation practice. Meditation teaches us to listen, it hones awareness of our inner wisdom, and inspires us to see Spirit everywhere. 
Within each of us is an Internal Guidance System. Our guidance can come in the form of intuition, a gut feeling, a sense of peace or a voice. But there is also the voice of ego in us, which is compelling! Sometimes we have a hard time discerning whether our guidance is Divine (from our Higher Self/Spirit) or rooted in ego (separation/fear/lack/limitation/etc.).  We use many tools to make decisions. Doing research is good. Perhaps we make a list of the pros and cons, ask for advice from others, toss a coin, read a fortune cookie, look at our horoscope or look for what is normal so that we will fit in.  Perhaps we consider all these things but then turn to our internal guidance system that will add certainty and validation. It will tune out the voice of ego.  The more we practice going within for the solution, the easier it becomes.   
The solution can come from the outer world, but the inner voice needs to confirm. The voice of the ego is compelling. It is rooted in separation (fear, limitation, lack, or better than or less than thinking) and made up of thoughts and beliefs from the past. Ego wants you to be “right.” Guidance has a deep-rooted certainty.  Ego tends to be loud and filled with angst. It will reinforce separation.
In contrast, inner Guidance is the still, small voice. It brings Peace. It is aligned with the energy from Source which is love.  Guidance has a deep-rooted certainty whereby you just know. Can you think of a time when you chose Divine guidance when making a decision instead of the voice of ego?  What was the situation? What did you do or not do?
May we open ourselves to Divine Wisdom and Guidance. In our hearts, may we choose wisdom and peace. May we align with the infinite that provides clarity through the gentle voice within.  Praying Clarity and Wisdom for each of you. Lovingly Always, Rev J

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No Better Time Than Now to Heal
July 7, 2020
Last Sunday, I mentioned Dr. Esther Sternberg, an immunologist, researcher and author. Some of her findings are outlined in her book, Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being.  “Do the maximum that you can,” she advises, “with things like meditation and yoga and prayer to help amplify the pathways in the brain that we know can help the immune system do its job to heal.”
Dr. Sternberg notes that we know we love beauty – it doesn’t occur to us to complain for example that things like hotel rooms with a view are more expensive, but what’s important is that beauty is actually nourishing and uplifting and restorative.
She talks about her childhood. Sometimes, after dinner, maybe when the family wasn’t piling into the car to go watch the sunset, Esther Sternberg’s father would take the Bible down from the shelf and read the 23rd Psalm out loud. He wasn’t a religious man, but he loved, especially, the opening lines:
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
This is so beautiful and we can see and feel the healing place the psalmist describes.
Dr. Sternberg says, “We are healed by beauty. Our souls are restored by beauty.”
And memory of place is a key to accessing beauty in our lives. She says the hippocampus “is a part of the brain that specializes in the memory of place.... [It integrates] all of [the] incoming sensory signals from the visual cortex, ... the auditory cortex, [and] ... the olfactory bulb. The hippocampal cells ... are actually called ‘place cells’ because they tell you where you are in the world.... [F]rom a neuroscience point of view, ... we do have an internal place that we can go....”
What of the healing that has reportedly taken place at such famous spots as Lourdes – where people go by the thousands to be cured? Dr. Sternberg and others believe that this extraordinary ability for the body to heal itself is triggered in a powerful way with these trips to such places.  It evokes a feeling of well-being that is taken with the person – there is no miraculous and spontaneous healing that takes place in the moment – rather the healing occurs as the patient remembers what it was like to be there.
This makes sense and is right in line with what we have been taught by Unity co-founders who received their own healings.  They brought the kingdom of peace and love right into their beings – which restored and healed that which was damaged within them.
I invite you to be mindful of the situations that you find yourself in.  Do they feel healing or chaotic?  If you have a healing crisis now, I encourage you to get your mind off your troubles and go to your healing place as much as possible.  Allow those neurotransmitters to speak to every cell, carrying beauty and love and healing.
Go to your sacred place and discover whatever is holding you back. Let it go, heal, balance, restore. What better time than now to spend time in our sacred space to heal, balance and become whole. I encourage to use this time of social distancing for that purpose.   Have a happy, wholesome month of July.  Hugs, Rev. Judy

Update for October

Yes, we are meeting in person and Livestreaming as well. We're still working on the quality of the livestream and will keep you informed.

If you attend in person, please wear a mask and there is plenty of room to distance yourself from others.

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Whatever your situation, we're here to remind you of your connection to God/Divine/Love. Stay Well.


​​July 23, 2020
Living the Serenity Prayer
As a woke this morning, one of my first thoughts was to

live the Serenity Prayer today.  How do I do that with so

much going on in the world?  Easy, I pray, I become centered and thank God/Spirit  for every single thing in my life. I am thankful for all the lessons that turned out to be blessings. I am thankful to be able to share my love and truth in various ways with my family, friends, spiritual community and the world.  Then, I watch what I allow into my consciousness. Let's remind ourselves of what the Serenity Prayers says:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
So, for today, I will stay in a higher consciousness through prayer and meditation. This then allows me to look at things differently. I will not allow outside events over which I have no control to affect my peace of mind. I continue to pray for peace and healing all over the world. I bring to mind the words of Myrtle Fillmore:
"Once Unity was in serious financial straits. Bills that had to be paid were piling up, and there did not seem to be money enough to meet the payroll. The Fillmores called their staff together to pray about the matter.  One of the staff said, "Let us pray that the money holds out."  "Oh, no," whispered Myrtle Fillmore, "let us pray that our faith holds out."  —From The Story of Unity by James Dillet Freeman (Unity Books, 2007)
Like Myrtle Fillmore, I pray that our faith holds out in all things. I pray to have courage and wisdom and understanding as well.  May we all have faith and live in peace.  Rev.J​​___________________________________________________________

July 20, 2020
Paradise is a Choice
I woke up this morning feeling especially grateful and that is really saying something for me because I am always grateful. This morning though, on the front porch with the beautiful night sky overhead, the sound of the waves and the feel of the wind upon my skin made me realize more than ever that paradise is a choice.
You see, I know this because there have been times in my life where I was in just as beautiful and peaceful a location as this but perhaps my mind was heavy with a worry of some type. Whether it was my work, the care of my mother or my aunt or concern about one of my children or my husband or some other family member, I would not allow myself to know that I was in paradise. 
Paradise is a choice, but there are certainly enough issues out there to be concerned about.  One of my adult children is suffering from long-term Covid-19 symptoms and my prayers continue for her complete healing. She is a beautiful woman and so gifted and talented.  She finished graduate school on her own and became a Doctor of Psychology. She also moved to Oregon on her own after college with no assistance from us.  She slugged her way through graduate school like a pro and set up her own thriving practice whereby she has helped countless people improve their lives. She will mend, and in the process will have gained all the knowledge she needs to make decisions about her practice and how busy she chooses to be in the future. The younger me would have been so worried that I would have been on an airplane out there with her. The me that lives in this body now trusts the universe entirely and knows in my heart that all is well, and she is on her way to total health and wholeness.  Thank you God/Universe/Divine.
Paradise is a choice.  Rather than sit in my house contemplating that I might somehow become infected with Covid-19, I am being cautious, but my daily routine has not changed. I am walking a mile or two every morning and wave at my walking buddies as we pass each other at a safe distance. I still go to the grocery but wear a mask and gloves. When I get to the car, I wipe my purchases down with a sanitizing cloth and peal the mask and gloves off and place them to the side.  I carry them in later to be washed and bleached.  I practice caution.
My other daughter is healthy and whole, and she is using caution but practicing with her music friends a couple of times a week.  My granddaughter is continuing to thrive and along with her mother, sharing her musical talents at our spiritual center. She will be headed back to her junior year at university soon.  She is excited. My grandson will graduate from high school this year.  He is also excited about getting back to school and the marching band.  My son-in-law is healthy and teaching high school marching band this year. He is already at work and creating a safe environment for himself and the students. The various schools are being tremendously cautious.  I am most grateful.
My husband is healed and whole and leads an incredibly vital life being a helping hand and fun companion to many of his family and friends. Whether it is mowing the entire block across from the church and picking up trash as he goes, or working the sound/video system or helping someone repair their boat or vehicle, he is always using his gifts to the ultimate.
I am grateful for these family members and all the wonderful friends that I have. My heart is full when I think of each of you and especially when I get to see you, even wearing a mask! 
Yes, indeed I live in paradise. You see, I could choose to worry about all of these situations and whether one or all might become infected with this virus that has run across the world, but I choose to deepen my faith. I have faith that the Divine is my instant, constant and abundant supply. I have faith that the Divine provides ways that to human sense, there is no way. I have faith that the Divine is guiding me in all ways. My health, happiness and success are assured.  I live in Paradise every moment of every day. I hope you do too.  Much love always and forever.  Rev. J