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A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

​​Prayer Chaplains Available every Sunday before and after the 10:30 Worship Service
Unity’s Fourth Principle
Prayer Is Connection. Affirmative prayer is the activity that deepens our connection with God-Mind, revealing truth, wisdom, and clarity.​

What is a Prayer Chaplain?

  1. Someone who is available to support others on their spiritual journey
  2. Someone who creates and holds sacred space
  3. Someone who lovingly listens
  4. Someone who holds what is heard in the strictest of confidence
  5. Someone who prays with others



June 2020
Every beat of my heart radiates the harmonizing power of divine love.
I breathe into the healing power of God, the renewing pulse in my body, mind, and spirit.
All wisdom is within. I turn within to know all I need to know, in the Silence.
Celebrating unexpected blessings, I live well today.
One with God and one with all, I am a peaceful presence.


News for June

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Special Notice:  The Sunday Service will not be held at the church this week, June 7 because of predicted storm.